The source of Kamačnik is located at 405 meters above sea level. The water springs of unknown depth, and 118 meters of spring depth have been explored so far. The source of Kamačnik is one of the 5 deepest in Europe. Yew grows on the rocks of the canyon – the most endangered species of trees in Gorski Kotar. In the upper course of Kamačnik there is a newly set educational-didactic trail, which explains the natural features of the protected area. On the promenade along the Kamačnik stream, there is the Pan Trail, a series of five sound installations, designed as a sensory (acoustic) trail that provides visitors with an insight into the play of sound as an artistic and educational medium. Also, a botanical trail has been set up on the promenade, where visitors can be informed and educated about the flora and fauna that lives in the area of ​​the Significant Kamačnik Landscape through the content of info tables.

The entrance to the Kamačnik canyon is located only a few hundred meters from the railway station in Vrbovsko. Before entering the center of Vrbovsko from the direction of the highway or Lujzinska road (old road Zagreb – Rijeka) there is a left turn for the train station, and passing by the train station and crossing the railway, you come directly to the entrance of the stream Kamačnik, where it flows into the river Dobra.