Not far from Pine Lodge are two magical natural attractions connected in a unique protected area – the significant landscape of the Devil’s Passage and the Green Whirlpool.

Due to its exceptional and special beauty and geological value, the resort was declared a special geomorphological reserve in 1962 with an area of ​​200 ha. In addition to the natural value, the first hydroelectric power plant in this area, Munjara, which was built in 1921, is located in this area.

Vražji prolaz (Devil’s Passage) is one of the most beautiful canyons in Gorski kotar, about 800 meters long, on some sections only 2 meters wide, and is the result of water that has eaten away at the stone for thousands of years and made an unusual path. The Jasle stream passes through the canyon, which is the name of the entire nearby forest complex. At the end of the Devil’s Pass, 14 meters above the Jasle stream, there is an opening in the rock, the entrance to the Muževa hiša cave. It is about two hundred meters long, and at its end there is a hall with a pond. Strictly protected species of horseshoe bats overwinter in the cave and must not be disturbed when visiting the cave.

Zeleni vir (The Green Whirlpool) is another natural attraction of the significant landscape. A stunning 70-meter-high rock that has formed between two wooded slopes, and two streams fall from the top of the rock. One quickly disappears into the notch, and the other collapses vertically in the form of a waterfall that falls in front of the opening of a cave with a pond and flows into the Curak stream that springs here.

In the cave is a pond of emerald green color, crystal clear and calm water. Underground spring- A green whirlpool about 50 meters deep is at the bottom of the cave and is not noticeable, and it was named after the color of the pond it creates.

A special attraction of the reserve is, in addition to the lush beauty of the forest vegetation that surrounded the entire landscape, a protected species of horseshoe bat and an observatory for bird lovers.